The Run for Salvador is a benefit for Nuestro Ahora, an international non-profit founded by a Western Massachusetts native.  Nuestro Ahora works to support the more than 1,000 youth growing up in some 20 orphanages and shelters throughout El Salvador.  2010 will mark the race's debut.  Please join us for this memorable event by running (or walking!) to support the youth of El Salvador.
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The Nuestro Ahora Scholarship Program was begun in 2006 in a single orphanage in rural Zaragoza, El Salvador and today has grown to serve more than 1,000 youth growing up in some 20 orphanages and shelters throughout central and western El Salvador.    More than a mere scholarship program, Nuestro Ahora is dedicated to equipping youth with a solid academic foundation while simultaneously equipping them with the life skills they need to become positive leaders in their communities and in our world.  At the same time, Nuestro Ahora provides students with the essentials they need to succeed (shelter, food, water, clothing, medical care, academic supplies)  so that they can focus on "learning. . .to make a difference."  All scholarship students give back immediately to their communities through volunteering the program minimum standard of 4 hours a week in local orphanages mentoring and tutoring younger kids or working with local NGO's.  This year the 7 full time university scholarship students and 9 high school seniors in our out-of-the-orphanage transition program collectively provide the orphanages where they grew up with an impressive 64 hours of support each week helping us reach our goal of increasing the educational opportunities and improving the quality of life of youth growing up in the orphanages of El Salvador.

Race Director Rachael Wolff
(see right, center) is a resident of Holyoke, MA and a recent honors graduate of Holyoke Catholic High School where she was a four-season, key runner on the Lady Gaels, participating in cross country, indoor, and outdoor track.  Before heading to Washington, DC to attend American University where she will study International Relations this coming fall, Wolff is dedicating her summer to directing the Run for Salvador combining her love for running and her passion for service.  Service has been a life-long endeavor for Wolff.  Wolff brings both local and international experience to her current post as Intern for Nuestro Ahora's office in the US.  She has served as vice president of her high school student government and has won Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards for her community service projects during her 12 years as a Girl Scout.  In July 2009, she accompanied Maryknoll missioners teaching English-as-a-second-language to youth in Tanzania, Africa.  In addition to running and service, Wolff has also enjoyed participating on the performing arts team, speech team, and in the National Honor Society during her academic career.

Nuestro Ahora Founder & Executive Director Victoria Cavanaugh is a native of Easthampton, Massachusetts.  Cavanaugh ran at the Run for Salvador's
course throughout her four years of high school and is excited to now return to Whiting Reservoir for this summer's benefit race.  Five summers ago, Cavanaugh traveled to the tiny, Central American Republic of El Salvador to study abroad while a junior at Boston College.  As part of her coursework, Cavanaugh spent two days a week at an orphanage, home to 120 children, in rural Zaragoza, El Salvador before ultimately moving into the orphanage after deciding to stay in El Salvador to study for a second semester.  Her experience opened her eyes to the harsh realities of orphanage life, but also allowed her to witness firsthand the incredible potential and promise of the youth.  The kids' stories moved Cavanaugh to found Nuestro Ahora, Inc., fully accredited non-profit both in El Salvador and the US, which today serves over 1,000 youth growing up in some 20 orphanages and shelters across central and western El Salvador.  Cavanaugh resides in La Libertad, El Salvador along with the scholarship students at Nuestro Ahora's Scholarship Home.  In addition to Nuestro Ahora, Cavanaugh is pursuing a masters in the Politics of International Education at the University of Central America.  She also enjoys teaching history, math, and economics at the International School of San Salvador and working with the Upward Bound Program at the Northfield Mount Hermon School in New England each July.